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I have been making custom quilts since 1986.

My favorite quilts are traditional designs, I can remember sitting under the quilt frame at my grandmother’s house as a child.

The stitches created were fascinating.

That frame now has a special place in my home. I feel my grandmother’s presence when I construct another treasure.

When I started making custom quilts, it was for a baby quilt; as I completed it in less time…

… and so it began with adapting very traditional pattern of Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill to fit in a 6” block, machine applique to a muslin foundation. The choices of fabric colors are endless. They quickly became “Billy & Sue” to me.

Being Cajun prompted me to do a little adjustment and created the Cajun Cousins – T-Boy & MeeMee.

Now I couldn’t leave these kids alone, I felt they needed friends.

Cookie cutter shapes including fans, crazy hearts, fish, ball, sailboats, sun, moon, stars,etc., have become our “friends”, and are added to the quilts.

Baby Quilts

Kitchen stuff

Traditional Quilts

T-shirt Quilts

Memory Quilts

Now… How to get yours?

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You can call me here: 337-250-7364

Or you can email me here: galespell@yahoo.com

Note: I am not taking any new custom order until January 2020

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